Best Wine

Woman tasting the bes rogue redt wine

Swirl, Sniff, and Sip if the taste is pleasant and lingers in your mouth for a couple minutes then you have found one of the best wines. You are really looking for the depth of taste. Try to compare the taste to something you have experienced before. 

The best wine known to mankind is neither expensive nor old. Price has absolutely nothing to do with what comprises the best wine. Most sommelier’s or wine stewards for us plebs are essentially salesmen. Their direct job is to fill your glass with a wine that keeps the lights on. The best wines are all about the flavor profile, nose, and aging. This doesn’t mean it has to be old but it’s aging process does have to be refined.

The aging process that makes the best wine is completely dependent on your taste preference. So aging is partially about the duration of time but more-so about the types of wood used to barrel the wine. The types of wood used in making the barrel’s adds to the flavor profile. You will hear a lot of sommilier’s make wine comparisons to different fruits or tastes.

Vanilla is a frequently used taste comparison this is directly due to the aging process and the barrel used to build this flavor profile. You will hear a lot about the color of the wine. This is simply not important. Colors can be changed but the smell and taste can not. Really try to breath your wine in and try to piece apart the active profile.


Online Wine Subscription

The easiest way to find a bold wine that you like is to join an online wine club. We have recently joined glassful wine club and are more than happy with the results. They have been sending three wines to us a month. Instead of going out and buying one wine at a time and never really branching out glassful keeps me on my toes. Please understand that for $54 a month I am getting three wines with a value of $100. I believe they are just passing on bulk pricing to their subscribers. I went with the two red wines and a white wine each month.